🛡️Assets Dashboard

The Assets Dashboard in Bugbase allows program managers to easily manage and track their assets, with features like adding, editing, deleting, and labeling assets to improve understanding.

The Assets Dashboard is a user-friendly feature that streamlines the asset management process, helping program managers to stay organised and on top of their bug bounty program.

Adding an Asset

Adding an asset is easy, simply click the "Create Asset" button, fill in the necessary details such as the asset name, URL, asset type, and labels and click the "Save" button. In case of websites, the URL is to be filled, and in case of mobile applications, the link to the respective app store is to be filled. Labels can be added to an asset, such as development, staging, or stack environment, to help hackers better understand the assets. This allows them to identify and report vulnerabilities more efficiently.

Editing an Asset

Editing an asset is just as simple, by clicking pencil button next to existing asset name from the list, program manager can make necessary changes to the asset information. The program managers can also delete an asset by clicking on the cross button next to the asset name. This feature makes it easy for program managers to keep track of their assets, ensuring that all information is up-to-date and accurate, making it easier for hackers to identify and report vulnerabilities.

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