📈Insights Dashboard

The insights dashboard provides a comprehensive program overview

The Insight Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your bug bounty program, including:

  • The top three performing programs and their statistics of the current month

  • Number of resolved and unresolved bugs

  • Detailed breakdown of critical reports, including:

    • Program name

    • Priority level

    • Risk analysis

  • Pie charts to visualize:

    • Severity of vulnerabilities found (P1, P2, etc.)

    • Types of vulnerabilities reported (e.g. XSS, SQL injection, etc.)

  • This feature allows the program manager to have a clear picture of the most critical vulnerabilities found in the program and types of vulnerabilities that are most commonly reported.

  • Program manager can use this information to prioritize and address the most important issues in their bug bounty program.

Exporting all the reported vulnerabilities into CSV

Clicking the button beside critical report insights named Export Vulnerabilities will give you a CSV listing all the reported vulnerabilities until the current date.

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