Bug Bounty Dashboard

Bug Bounty or VDP Dashboard allows program managers to view important information about the status of their bug bounty program, helping them to easily track and manage the program.

A BugBounty or a Private Program is available only to Professional and Enterprise Tiers

The Bug Bounty Dashboard is an essential tool for program managers to effectively track and manage their Bug Bounty program. It provides a comprehensive view of all recent bugs submitted to the program, including the status, priority, proof of concept and impact of each bug.

Additionally, the dashboard includes a variety of statistics such as program Bounty Assigned, Reports this month, Total Reports, Closed Reports, New Reports, Resolved Reports, Duplicate Reports and Invalid Reports, which allows program managers to easily monitor the progress and performance of their bug bounty program.

The dashboard also features a leaderboard of hackers who have hunted the various programs and gained reputation, giving program managers a clear picture of who is actively participating and contributing in securing various applications.

The program manager can view and edit the program policy directly from the dashboard, which makes it easy to make changes or updates as needed.

Monetary bounty rewards can be assigned to researchers and the payouts are managed by BugBase

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