Vulnerabilities Section

In the vulnerabilities section, program managers can view all vulnerabilities found during the pentest, organized by their status (resolved or unresolved) and issue type.

They can also view the Affected URL and priority of each vulnerability. Additionally, program managers can search for vulnerabilities using keywords to quickly find specific vulnerabilities. This section provides a comprehensive view of all vulnerabilities found during the pentest, allowing program managers to effectively manage and prioritize their security issues.

By clicking on any vulnerability report, program managers can view detailed information about the vulnerability, including the affected URL, issue type, priority, and any additional comments or recommendations provided by the pentester.

They can also take various actions on the vulnerability, such as marking it as resolved, assigning it to a specific team member for further investigation, or adding comments or notes.

This allows program managers to easily manage and track the progress of their vulnerabilities, and take necessary actions to address them.

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