Here is an overview for navigation that can be found in the Bugbase platform

Insights Dashboard

The insights dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of vulnerabilities throughout all the programs with the help of graphs, charts and risk statistics to improve security practices.

📈pageInsights Dashboard

Assets Dashboard

The Assets Dashboard in Bugbase allows program managers to easily manage and track their assets, with features like adding, editing, deleting, and labeling assets to improve understanding.

🛡️pageAssets Dashboard

View All Programs

Programs section in BugBase allows program managers to view all ongoing and under review programs. It also allows them to sort programs based on their types, making it easy to find and manage specific programs.

🗂️pagePrograms Dashboard

Billings & Plans

All the billings, transactions history, add-ons in one place. Companies can upgrade their tiers and purchase add-ons from this section.

Bounty Bin

Companies can manage their payouts via this page, top-up their bounty bin amount and start paying out researchers

💵pageBounty Bin

Company Settings

Companies can edit their profile, manage passwords, manage members in their organisation, manage access to programs from their settings

⚙️pageCompany Settings

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