Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) is a trigger based integration.


  • A Microsoft Teams Account with a Team and a Channel

  • BugBase Company Account with an Active Program

Setting up Microsoft Teams - Configuring an Incoming Webhook

To configure an incoming webhook in Microsoft Teams:

  1. Go to your Microsoft Teams Account.

  2. Find the Team you want to use for the integration under Your Teams Section.

  3. Click on the menu icon next to the channel you want to use for integration in your chosen Team.

  4. Click Add next to Incoming Webhook.

  5. Click Add on the Top Left.

  6. Enter a name for your webhook in the field. You can also upload an Image for your incoming webhook but its optional.

  7. Click Create to add your webhook to the channel.

  8. Copy the Webhook url and store it somewhere for the next phase of the setup.

  9. Click Done.

Configuring your Bugbase Account

Once you’ve got an incoming webhook url from microsoft teams, then go to your Bugbase Account to continue the setup:

  1. Navigate to Your Program Dashboard > Settings > Integrations.

  2. Click Connect on the Microsoft Teams Card.

  3. Then you will get a prompt for confirmation, then Click Connect.

  4. Paste the webhook URL that you created in the first phase of the setup in Microsoft Teams.

  5. Click Finish.

  6. If all went well, the Bot will be added to your channel.

  7. Toggle the Enable Webhook switch and click on Save Changes.

New report activities will now post notifications to the configured Microsoft Teams channel.

Disable or Edit the Integration

To Disable or Edit the Integration:

  1. Click Mange on the Microsoft Teams card in the integrations Page.

  2. Disable the Enable Webhook Toggle or Edit the Webhook url incase you want to integrate with a different Microsoft Teams channel and click on Save Changes.


Q. Connectors option not visible?

Click on the menu icon beside your Team name. Then Click on Manage Team.

Go to Apps section and click on More Apps button in the top Right corner.

Then search for incoming webhook and click on the incoming webhook card.

Click on Add to Team.

Click on Set up a connector.

Now continue from Step 7

Now on all events a notification in your configured channel in Microsoft Teams

🎉 You've successfully connected Microsoft Teams with your BugBase Program

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