Manage Credentials

Only available on the Private Bug Bounty Programs

Manage Credentials Section is available only for Private Bug Bounty Programs

You can view all the program scopes associated credential vaults in the Credentials Section

Credential Requests

Incase any Credential Requests have been made by a Bug Hunter, the Credential Requests tab will populate with a list of requests.

Viewing a particular request will give you two options:

  1. Auto Assign Credential

  2. Manually Assign Credential

Particular Vault Section

To view all the credentials and the status of assignment of a particular credential set, you can click on a particular Credential Vault in the Program Vaults table

Assign/Unassign Credential Sets

Incase you wish to Manually Assign Credential Sets, navigate to a particular vault inside the Program Vaults sections.

From the Credentials Table, open any dropdown beside the credential set you wish to assign to a Bug Hunter. Once a User is selected for assignment, a popup like below should appear where the assignment preference to an asset needs to be chosen.

Click on Assign Credential to successfully assign the credential.

To Unassign a particular credential set, click the Remove Icon beside the username of the assigned user.

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