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Make BugBase a part of your SDLC!

Supported Integrations

BugBase provides various integrations with external issue tracking tools and it's own custom hooks. These integrations fit perfectly into a pre-existing security workflow, so with minimal setup and minimal effort you can start tracking your reports and issues.

With BugBase integrations, you can integrate multiple issue tracking integrations in a single program.

Project & Issue Tracking Integrations

JIRA | Asana | Github

Using integrations with JIRA, Asana and Github on BugBase, you can create issues and track them in real time.


Integrations for Trigger Based Notifications & Logging

Slack | MS Teams | Sumo Logic

Using Integrations wiith Slack, MS Teams, SumoLogic with BugBase, you can track reports, get notified when bugs are reported, triaged, closed, changed status, assigned bounties, and more.

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Webhooks are a way to send data to an external service. BugBase supports webhooks for the following use-cases

  • Check for new reports, get notified when new bugs are reported.

  • Get notified when bugs are triaged, closed and more.


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