Pentest Overview

The Overview section of our pentest platform is an essential tool for program managers to view and manage the vulnerabilities found during the pentest. It provides a comprehensive view of all the vulnerabilities found during the test, including the number of resolved and unresolved vulnerabilities, as well as the number of vulnerabilities categorized by severity level (critical, high, medium, low, and none). This information is displayed in a clear and easy-to-read format, allowing program managers to quickly identify and track vulnerabilities, and make informed decisions on how to address them.

On the right side of the page, you will find a simple timeline that displays the progress of the pentest. This timeline allows program managers to track the progress of the test and understand how long it took to complete. Additionally, a download report button is provided, which allows program managers to download the full pentest report in pdf format.

The Overview section also includes information about the Bugbase VAPT expert who conducted the test, including their name and contact information. This is important as it allows program managers to contact the expert in case of any queries or clarifications regarding the test results.

To help program managers better understand the distribution of vulnerabilities found during the test, the Overview section also includes pie charts that show the distribution of vulnerabilities by severity level and by vulnerability type. These charts provide a visual representation of the data and make it easy for program managers to identify which types of vulnerabilities are most prevalent.

In addition to the vulnerability data, the overview section also provides information about the assets tested during the pentest. This includes a list of all the affected URI found during the test, which allows program managers to understand which assets were most vulnerable and prioritize their remediation efforts accordingly. An executive summary is also provided which gives a brief overview of the findings and the progress of the test.

All of this information and data is designed to help program managers effectively manage and mitigate the risks associated with the vulnerabilities found during the pentest. The detailed data and information provided in this section, along with the ability to download the full report and contact the VAPT expert, enables program managers to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to address the vulnerabilities found during the test.

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