👨‍🏭Roles and Permissions

Create, View and Modify Roles and Permissions

This feature is available only to Enterprise Tier Customers

To manage your team members you can go to Settings > Roles & Permissions. From here you can manage all users across your company.

All root admin accounts can add, edit or remove any Roles in the company

View Default Roles

BugBase Provides 4 default roles:

  1. Security: All the permissions required for an account managing the triage process in the organization has actions on reports in the BugBase Dashboard

  2. Root User: All the permissions required to access and modify the Company Dashboard. (Does not grant program dashboard permissions)

  3. Program Admin: All the permissions required to access and modify a particular Program Dashboard (Does not grant company dashboard permissions)

  4. Full Acccess: Has all the permission (Program and Company)

Custom Roles

BugBase allows you to create custom roles, just click the Create Custom Role button to start creating a new role.

Enter a name for the new role, a short description and select the permissions provided.

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