Invite Hackers

Only available on the Private Bug Bounty Programs

Invite Users Section is available only for Private Bug Bounty Programs

Sending Invitation to Join Private Program

All invited users can access the Program Policy and start submitting reports.

There are two ways to send Invitation to hackers:

Create invite links to invite researchers into your program. Links can be managed to limit access, and can be revoked at any time.

Click on the Generate Invite Link Card and Modal will pop up with a list of existing links.

Click on Create a new link button, a panel on the right will pop up with default settings:

  1. Number of Uses

  2. Max Number of Uses

  3. Expiration Date

  4. Link Name

Invite Researchers via email/username

Invite researchers to your program by Email or their BugBase username. They will receive instructions on joining your program.

Invite Users

Invitations can be sent to users using username or email.

Click on Invite Researchers Card, a modal will pop-up asking username or email to invite.

The Invite can be accepted through notifications or via acceptance link through email.

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