🐛Submit a Bug Report on BugBase

Learn how to submit a bug report for a program listed on BugBase as a security researcher.


Submitting a report

  1. Login to your BugBase account and visit Programs page.

  1. Click on the program on which you want to submit the bug report from the list of all available programs.

  1. After reading the Program Policy and Scopes carefully, click on the Submit Report button.

  1. Enter the Scope, Vulnerability Type, Severity, Summary, Attachments and other details about the bug.

You can use the CVSS Calculator to determine the severity of your bug.

  1. Review all report details before the final submission by clicking on Submit Report.

And that's it! 🎉 Congratulations on submitting a new Bug Report on BugBase.

You can also draft the report and view it later by clicking on Save As Draft button.

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