Pentest Program (VAPT)

Get an in-depth analysis of the security of your application and reduce any probability of a security breach.

Team Bugbase is equipped to perform enterprise security testing, offering a wide range of services that help organizations identify and fix security vulnerabilities. Our testing methodology is based on the OWASP Top 10 and NIST SP800-53 standards, as well as CERT-In and NIC guidance. We use a variety of penetration testing techniques to find vulnerabilities, exploit them and provide you with remediations.

Our internal elite security team is capable of testing:

  1. Black Box Web Application Security Testing

  2. Black Box Android Application Security Testing

  3. Black Box iOS Application Security Testing

  4. White Box Code Review

PDF security report is available 3-4 weeks after starting engagement. Certificate of security is only rewarded when P1 and P2 vulnerabilities have been resolved and sufficient proof has been provided.


The commercials for VAPT vary depending on the size and number of the applications to be tested

Please write to us at or fill out the form on for a quote

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