You can create issues on Asana directly from BugBase

Asana Integration


  • An Asana Account with a Project.

  • BugBase Company Account with an Active Program.


To setup your Asana integration:

  1. Navigate to Your Program Dashboard > Settings > Integrations.

  2. Click Connect on the Asana Integration Card.

  3. Then you will get a prompt for confirmation, then Click Connect.

  4. Authorize the integration with your Asana account.

  5. Click on Allow.

  6. You will be redirected back to BugBase.

Configuring Project

  1. Navigate to Program Dashboard > Settings > Integrations.

  2. Click on the Configure button on the Asana Integration Card.

  3. Select the Project you want to add your Tasks to and Click on Save.

  4. Once Project is selected, a dropdown to select the Section in which the Task will be added.

  5. Click Save.

Fetching the Project & Sections is a slow process, so it may take a few minutes to load

How it Works

Now that you have integrated with asana, you can create an Asana Task from your Bugbase report.

Creating a Asana Task

Once your asana integration has been set up, to create a task in asana from your Bugbase report:

  1. Go your Reports section and click on the report you want to create an issue for.

  2. Click on Create an Issue on Asana.

  3. Enter Issue title, description (optional) and select an assignee (optional).

  4. Click Create an Issue.

The Bugbase report will now show up a Task in your Asana Project.

🎉Congratulations! You've successfully connected Asana with your BugBase Program

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