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What are Campaigns?

Campaigns are special promotional events during which participants receive increased rewards for submitting valid reports.

Why would I want to create a Campaign?

Creating a campaign on a bug bounty platform offers several advantages to clients, particularly in terms of enhancing security and engaging the community:

  1. Focused Attention on Critical Areas: A campaign can direct the attention of skilled researchers towards specific areas of your system or product. This is especially useful if you've recently updated your software, are preparing for a major launch, or need extra scrutiny on certain components.

  2. Increased Participation: Higher bounties typically attract more participants, including top-tier researchers. This increased participation means more eyes examining your systems, which can lead to the discovery of vulnerabilities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

  3. Faster Discovery of Vulnerabilities: With more researchers incentivized to participate, vulnerabilities are likely to be discovered and reported more quickly. This rapid identification allows you to address issues sooner, reducing the window of risk.

  4. Enhanced Security Posture: By addressing vulnerabilities found during a campaign, you strengthen your overall security posture. This can enhance your reputation for taking security seriously, which is valuable for customer trust and business credibility.

  5. Community Engagement and Reputation Building: Engaging with the bug bounty community through campaigns can help build a positive reputation among security researchers. This goodwill can lead to more thorough and dedicated testing in both current and future campaigns.

  6. Cost-Effectiveness: While you pay more per vulnerability, you benefit from the concentrated effort within a specific timeframe. This focused approach can be more cost-effective compared to continuous, lower-intensity testing.

  7. Strategic Security Investments: Campaigns allow you to allocate budget strategically during critical periods, ensuring that your investment in security aligns with business needs and cycles.

  8. Competitive Edge: Demonstrating a proactive approach to security can give you a competitive edge, showing customers and partners that you prioritize protecting their data and privacy.

In summary, launching a campaign on a bug bounty platform is an effective way to quickly identify and address vulnerabilities, engage with the security community, and reinforce your commitment to security, all of which are crucial for maintaining the trust and safety of your clients and their users.

Creating a Campaign

The create campaign section provides the user to create a new campaign according to your preferences with custom bounties and custom duration.

Edit a Campaign

This page gives the user to modify the created campaign and customise it further.

Once the campaign details are filled up users can see the preview of the campaign they just created.

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