Create, Configure and Deploy VPN server

Learn how to configure and deploy a VPN server with all your assets on BugBase


  • Have a Company Account on BugBase

Creating & Configuring a VPN Server

To create and configure a VPN server:

  1. Login to your company dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the Assets Page via the sidebar, then choose the VPN tab.

  3. Click on "Create VPN."

  4. Configure your VPN server by adding the following details:

    1. Server name: Assign a descriptive name to your VPN server.

    2. Set rate limit: Establish a rate limit for your VPN server to ensure optimal performance and prevent overuse. Add the rate limit in requests per minute. This helps in managing the server load effectively and ensures a stable connection for all authorised users.

    3. VPN Server Location: Select the countries from which you would like your bug hunters to have access.

    4. Domains: Choose all your sensitive domains. You can include an active time range for testing this domain and also add blacklist routes.

    Adding domains to VPN server

    ( You can add multiple assets to a VPN server )

    1. Select Domain Asset: Choose the domain assets you want bug hunters to access through the VPN. Note: You can only select assets that are a domain or a main URL. Assets with a "/" or a route cannot be selected. Click here to learn how to add assets.

    2. Active Time Range: Specify an active time range when you want the bug hunters to access the asset on a daily basis. The hours selected will default to the UTC timezone.

    3. Add Blacklist Routes: You can blacklist API routes that you do not want bug hunters to access, even through the VPN.

Once you have added all the details, click on "Create VPN Server" to create the server.

Now, you have successfully configured your VPN Server. It's time to deploy the server. 🎉🎉

Deploying the VPN server

  1. Click on "Deploy Server" to deploy the server. NOTE: Deployment might take 1-2 minutes. DO NOT CLOSE THE PAGE.

  2. Once the server status changes to "running," your VPN server is ready for use.

All your programs where the asset selected in the VPN configuration is in the list of in-scope assets will allow Bug Hunters to download the config file and connect to the VPN server.

Updating the configuration

  1. To update the configuration of the VPN server, simply update the values and click on "Re-deploy Server".

Stopping the server

  1. When your server status is "running," click on the "Stop Server" button to stop the server.

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