🚩Setup a Campaign for better program engagement

Learn how to set up a Time-Based Campaign on your BugBase Bug Bounty Programs to improve engagement.


  • User account on BugBase

You can view all campaigns in campaigns page from company dashboard

To start a new campaign click on Create New Campaign button

Clicking the "Create New Campaign" button will display a form as illustrated below.

  • The first step is to fill campaign identifier, this would be your campaigns title/name.

  • Select the program that you would like to set up a campaign for better program engagement.

  • Select the particular block that best describes your objective for this campaign.

  • Click Initiate Campaign button. This will redirect to a new page where you will be asked for a few more details to finish setting up the campaign.

The page you are redirected into will look similar to this.

If you don't see this page, you can view it on campaigns > (select your campaign shown in the list) from your company dashboard.

Here, previously filled details will appear along with some other fields.

Remember, you can only make any change to this form if the campaign is not completed already.

  • The very first one is program username, which would be pre-filled.

  • Select the scope of the campaign, ie, choose the asset that should be targeted through this campaign.

  • Now, you can customise the bounties you are allotting in this campaign, by clicking on select bounty table.

Upon clicking on select bounty table it will look like this.

  • Click on Add Custom Bounty Values and it will show you a popup same as this.

  • Here you can provide the custom bounties you intent on giving in this campaign. Once finished, click on the add button, and it will show the bounty table box again, select your base bounty value from bounty table.

  • You can increase the base bounty amount if you click on the multiplier box below, it will be a list where you can select the amount of times you like the bounty to be increased to based on their priority.

  • Then, you can select the time window where you would like the campaign to be active. If you select the start now option above the start date and end date box, it will set the campaign to start right after you complete this form and upon completing the end time that you select from the calendar shown to you, the campaign will cease to be active.

  • Next you can provide any information to the security researcher that you think will be relevant while the bounty hunter is trying to penetrate the asset you listed.

  • Upon completing all these details, you can see a preview of the campaign with all the details you entered. If you find any of these not accurate, you can scroll up and make changes in the form.

  • When you click on the Save Campaign button at the end of the form your campaign will go live at the start time you specified with all the details.

  • You can always come back and edit the end time of the campaign, if it's not completed already

And that's it. You have successfully created a campaign 🎉.

In case you have any queries, Please reach out to use at queries@bugbase.in

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