Adding Challenges


To add challenges to your competition, navigate to the competition dashboard and select the 'edit' button next to the relevant competition.

<Image of Dashboard (highlight the edit button)>

To create a new challenge, provide the following information in the designated fields:

  • Challenge Title

  • Challenge Question

  • Challenge Link

  • Challenge Files (with a file size limit of 25 MB)

  • Challenge Category

  • Challenge Points

  • Challenge Answer

You also have the option to add hints for each challenge question, which can be useful for providing additional guidance or support to the competitors.

<Image of Adding Hint>

To add multiple questions to a challenge, utilise the 'Add Challenge Question' button. This will create additional fields for inputting an additional question with the above mentioned fields.

<Image of Adding Additional Question (If required)>

Before finalising your competition, you have the option to determine the visibility of your competition by selecting either "public" or "Not Visible" . Once you have made your selection, make sure to save your progress by clicking on the 'save' button.

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