Pentest Dashboard

The Pentest Dashboard on BugBase allows program managers to easily track and manage their ongoing pentests.

The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all pentest, including the ability to start a new pentest, view ongoing scans and access the pentest overview area.

Create a new Pentest Program

To start a new pentest, create a company account and fill the onboarding steps to create a Pentest Program

👨‍💼pageCreate a Company AccountpageCreate a Program

Once a pentest program is created, our security team will get in touch with you under 24 hours to get to know about your application that requires a pentest. Alternatively reach out to us at

The View Pentest Scans button takes you to the Pentest Overview area, where you can view all vulnerabilities found during the pentest, access the pentest reports, and get an overview of the pentest progress. In this area, you can view the vulnerabilities by severity, and filter them by category to better understand the scope and impact of the vulnerabilities found.

The pentest dashboard provides a clear and user-friendly interface for program managers to keep track of ongoing pentest, view pentest report and vulnerabilities and to access the pentest overview area. It is designed to provide program managers with all the tools and information needed to effectively manage and monitor their penetration tests, and make informed decisions based on the results.

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