Email Alias

On Bugbase, hackers are assigned an email alias that redirects any emails to the primary email address they used to register with the platform.

This alias can be used to create testing accounts and may be necessary for certain testing purposes. Additionally, this alias allows programs to communicate with the hacker without revealing their actual email address.

It's important to note that you cannot send emails using your BugBase alias.

Upon creating a Bugbase account, you are automatically assigned an email alias in the form of [username]

Bugbase allows users to create multiple email aliases for their account. This feature can be useful for testing purposes, as it allows users to create multiple test accounts on a program. To create an additional email alias, users can add a plus sign (+) and any identifier of their choice to their default alias, which is in the form of [username]

For example, if a user's default alias is, they can create another alias by using

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