Hacker Profile

The Bugbase Hacker Profile Page is a comprehensive dashboard for cybersecurity researchers participating in bug bounty programs.

This profile page showcasing the hacker's skills, accomplishments, and contributions. It can be accessed at /profile/<username>, where <username> is the unique identifier for the hacker.


The profile page is divided into three main sections:


  • Global Rank: Your position on the global leaderboard, indicating your competitive standing among all hackers on Bugbase.

  • Reputation: A measure of the reliability and impact of your findings. High reputation scores unlock privileges and reflect your expertise and contribution quality.

  • Thanks: A section listing the programs for which you've submitted valid reports, highlighting your successful contributions.

  • Success Rate: The ratio of valid reports to total submissions, indicating the quality and accuracy of your findings.

  • Hall of Fame: Highlights the top programs you've contributed to, showcasing your significant impacts.

  • Hacktivity: A timeline of your reputation fluctuations, providing insights into your activity and performance over time.

  • Badges: Awards received for meeting specific criteria or achieving milestones, displayed on your profile to highlight your skills and accomplishments.

Overview Section

The Overview page offers a snapshot of the hacker's profile, including:

  • Hacker details (username, bio, etc.)

  • Activity heatmap, visualizing participation frequency

  • Global rank

  • Hall of Fame, listing top contributions

  • Competition stats, including CTFs (Capture The Flag) participation and rankings

Hacktivity Section

This page displays a detailed timeline of the hacker's reputation gained or lost across different programs, offering insights into the hacker's activity and performance patterns.

Badges Section

Here, hackers can view all the badges they have earned. Each badge includes:

  • The name of the badge

  • A short description of its significance

  • The date it was achieved

The following table provides details on the types of badges available:


Apex Hunter

Dominance as number 1 worldwide, celebrating unrivaled skills and leadership.


Ranking 2nd on the global leaderboard, highlighting brave conquests and commitment to digital security.


Recognized for the 3rd rank on the leaderboard, acknowledging dedication to fighting bugs and enhancing cybersecurity.


Honors a seven-day streak of engagement, celebrating persistent brilliance and dedication in the digital world.


Celebrates a year of unmatched hacking dedication, showcasing ceaseless passion and skill in cybersecurity.

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