Credentials are essential for gaining access to the program's assets and conducting any necessary testing.

Certain programs may only allow authorized access to their assets through special credentials, which can be obtained through the credentials tab in program policy page. Without these credentials, it may not be possible to conduct any hacking activities on the program's assets.

Program Credentials

The credentials tab on a program's policy page displays all the assets for which credentials have been set up. By accessing this tab, you can view a comprehensive list of the program's assets that require credentials for authorized access.

Getting Access to the Credentials

In the credentials tab of the program policy page, you have the option to either view or claim credentials, depending on the type of credentials that the program has set up.

Upon clicking the claim button, the credentials will be automatically assigned to you. However, for request credentials, you will need to submit a request, and the program will manually assign the credentials. You will be notified once the credentials have been assigned to you.

Upon assignment, you can view the credentials in the credentials tab, along with any relevant instructions for their use. This information will be available to you so that you can properly utilize the credentials to gain authorized access to the program's assets during testing.

Please remember that these credentials are confidential and should not be shared with anyone outside. Additionally, use these credentials solely for testing purposes related to the particular program and asset.

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