Everything is reported and nothing is insecure

The reports dashboard divides all the reports submitted(or collaborated on) by a hacker into neat sections:

  • Draft Reports

  • New Reports

  • Triaged Reports

  • Closed Reports

All these sections are accompanied with Filters which allow hackers to easily access whichever report they want.

Draft Reports

This section lists all the reports for the hacker which are not yet submitted but have been initialised and worked on upon.

This allows hackers to fine tune their reports over a period of time before submitting it to the program.

New Reports

This sections lists all the reports that have been submitted to a program and not yet triaged. It allows hackers to keep a track of the new reports, their status and access them if they want to.

Triaged Reports

This sections lists all the triaged reports and their status. Any further communication with the program representatives can be done by accessing the bug report.

Closed Reports

This section lists all the reports which have been closed in one of the following ways:

  • Resolved and Closed

  • Duplicate and Closed

  • Invalid and Closed

  • Spam and Closed

A hacker can still access the report and the conversation in case they want to by clicking on the report.

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