Manage your BugBase Bounty Hunter Account at once place

Bounty Hunters can view Account Details, Update Basic Details, Add Social Media Links and Configure Preferences.

Profile is how you look to other hackers on the platform. Feel free to make it as personalised as possible with your custom profile pictures and an exquisite and unique bio.

You can choose to list all your socials or work completely under a pseudonym.

The Settings menu also lists out the email alias and basic instructions on how it works.

1. Account Details

View your account details such as Username, Email and Country Of Origin. You can also update your Profile Image here.

2. Basic Details

Update your Name, Bio, Website and if you are a working professional put in your Company Name. This will reflect on your public profile page [All details here except Company Name is reflected on your public profile]

Update your profile with social media links for a better reach and connections amongst the Bug Bounty Community

4. Preferences

BugBase Provides Bounty Hunters to choose their own preferences on 3 Settings -

  • Email perferences: For Updates on Private Programs or any upcoming events instructions or credentials for testing would be sent to the configured email. This can be the BugBase Email Alias (BugBase Recommended) or this can be the configured Primary Email Address through which the account was created.

  • Shipping Address: Bounty Hunters can add their shipping address to which swags assigned can be delivered, this is shared with the Program Admins in order for them to ship merch/goodies to you.

  • T-Shirt/Hoodie Size: Bounty Hunters can also update their preference of T-Shirt/Hoodie Size they prefer.


We love our security and hope that the hacker's account remains super secure as well.

A good leap towards account security is using a strong password, or even better a passphrase.

We suggest hackers to refer to best password/passphrase practices and set passwords that are not easy to crack/guess.

KYC Verification

In order to be eligible for bounty payouts, all bounty hunters require to go through a KYC Verification through the BugBase platform. Below are the steps to get KYC Verified, this process generally takes 5-7 Business Days from filling the form to get KYC Verified on the Platform.

pageVerify KYC

Deleting Account

All sensitive data related to your BugBase account would be deleted.

This is an Irreversible process and will delete all account data permanently

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