Assigning Swags

Assigning swags to hackers is a way for program managers to recognise and reward hackers for their contributions. Swags are physical items such as T-shirts, stickers, or other merchandise that can be awarded to hackers in addition to or instead of bounties.

In BugBase, program managers can award swags to hackers through the 'Assign Reward' feature. They can choose from a variety of swags that are available and assign it to the hacker.

To set an swag

  1. Go to the top of the report page and click on the "Assign rewards" button.

  2. Then select "Add Swag".

  3. Enter the details of the swag, and click on save changes.

Swags are a great way to recognise and appreciate the hackers who have helped to identify and report vulnerabilities. Assigning them in addition to or instead of bounties can provide a more holistic reward system for hackers.

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